Testclear.com Website Review & Ratings + Test Clear Coupons
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Testclear.com Website Review & Ratings + Test Clear Coupons

Test Clear has taken a stand for those who want to live life on their own terms while keeping the threat of being terminated by their respective employers at bay. They have proven strategies and technologies to assist with toxic screenings for people in that have stabilized employment within a number of industries. The professionals with Test Clear believes one should be judged on their ability to perform their duties, their educational contributions and not by the fluids that reside within their urine or blood. Allowing the dedicated professional to stay on course and display the level of cooperation and performance for positive living is vital to the condition of the world as a whole.

Test Clear understands that everyone has the task of getting to know their body? What works and why are the mysteries many that find themselves struggling to demystify. Chronic pains, anxiety, depression and other emotionally and physically debilitating ailments can sometimes cause an individual to take matters into their own hands. As many are striving to figure out their road map to freedom, the exploration of both western medicines and natural remedies can pose additional burdens. In spite of this, the painstaking process has lead many to find the relief they desperately seek in marijuana. As the judicial system and many work environments grapple over the disposition they claim this poses for them, Test Clear provides a formula that keeps its consumers out of harms way.

Each buyer is encouraged to thoroughly investigate their options by phoning in and speaking with a Test Clear representative. Doing so can ensure one acquires the right information and ideals about how the drug screening process works. There are a lot of myths out there and having a clear perspective can mean the difference between passing or failing a drug test. The consultation is free and will with out a doubt be a life enhancing exchange for clarifying the best options.

Test Clear provides insight into the following matters:

Test Clear: What makes it different?

Test Clear is very thorough in its delivery and provides very clear step-by-step instructions on how to apply the technologies and techniques they are offering. They also have a variety of detox supplement programs which offers instant gratification for those looking to clean out their system and change their patterns of usage. They are non judgmental which says a great deal about their ability to help consumer solve their immediate need for cleansing and passing toxicology screenings.

As if the drug testing opportunities weren't enough? Test Clear does a really solid job of providing additional tests for situations like pregnancy, allergy and mold, and paternity. This says a great deal about their dedication to preserving the integrity and right to privacy for their constituents.There is something extremely awesome about establishments who take the time to consider that the world can pose a different set of challenges for each person; and goes on to present a series of options that encourages them to not fee isolated or alone.

Test Clear offers these additional resources:

Test Clear vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Test Clear)

Test Clear. Pass Drug Test and PassYourDrugTest.com are all dedicated online establishments that propose their products and services can either diminish or reduce the risk of failing a drug test. Their sites are user friendly and the value of what they offer weighs heavily on what the consumer is trying to accomplish. They are all great reinforcements for THC cleansing products; but one should keep in mind that other drugs like cocaine and heroin might require professional medical assistance.

Pass Drug Test provides a great deal of information and the site is not only well laid out; it offers some fascinating facts about the myths people fall for when trying to beat a drug test on their own. They are true myth busters by clarifying the theories about why one should not rely on vinegar and water to clean the system; and why the diet pill supplement won't get you in the clear. Here's a brief overview of their Myths vs Facts section:

  • Drinking lots Water? – Is not effective because the THC is not soluble.
  • Drink Vinegar ? – Wrong! Vinegar will simply level down the PH content of your urine.
  • Take Dexatrim or any form of phenylpropanolamine?  – This is unquestionably not right.

PassYourDrugTest.com is another solid resource of information. If it weren't for the sites layout one could easily think they are somehow directly connected to the operations of Pass Drug Test. The insights provided offer much to think about, and it may prove to be difficult to not come away from the experience without having acquired a new and enlightened perspective.

Test Clear offers a great service but may one to explore its competitors sites to develop a more attractive approach for their sites interface. I just did not want to hang out and explore for a while which is the complete opposite of what I gathered from the other companies. At the end of the day, they are all dedicated to solving a problem and do a pretty solid job of explaining the options a consumer in this particular market has.

Test Clear: Pricing & packages

Test Clear has the highest price kit for their powder urine remedy for THC testing. They appear to have a good grasp on why they've priced out this kit at $32.95, and anyone who purchases it will be clear on what to expect. Pass Drug Test have numerous options and one could become confused about their best fit if they aren't careful. At this site it would be best to take them up on their representative assistance to ensure you do not become overwhelmed, and choose an item that is unrelated to your need. PassYourDrugTest.com has a one panel attempt starting at $3.95? Here again consumers will want to call into their customer support department to narrow their options and identify the most effective solution.

Test Clear:

  • Kit $32.95 & Up

Pass Drug Test:

  • Single Panel Kit $7.95


  • Single Panel Kit $3.95
Test Clear: Product images & screenshots
Test Clear Coupons
Test Clear: Customer reviews & comments

Test Clear appears to have developed a product that is helping hardworking and motivating people keep everything they care about in its proper place. The following are statements are from consumers who found themselves in what they initially thought to be extremely volatile situations:

" Dear Testclear - As a responsible member of society and a father of 3, I was absolutely shocked when I was told that I would be taking my first random test with my company after 9 years. My entire way of life depends on my employment, my children, my wife, everything. Had it not been for "Powdered Urine Kit", I would have lost it all for sure. Well, at least my job and house. Until society can wake up and realize that one simple green plant can feed us, clothe us, provide us with shelter and entertainment, as well as power all of our cars and buses, I will continue to use Powdered Urine Kit. Your product is truly a life saver, and I can only hope that testing facilities will never figure out how to detect it. I laid it all on the line with your product, and you did not let me down. I thank you with all the sincerity I know how to muster. Please keep my name private, for I am in a high profile job. " Read More...

" Dear Testclear - Dear Testclear - I want to thank you for providing a product that works. I used the Powdered Urine Kit product and passed my test with no problems. I was nervous the temperature would be a problem, but it was perfect. That investment provided me with an $80K a year job. Thank you again for an easy solution to protecting one's privacy. I have already ordered one to keep on hand. " Read More...

" Dear Testclear - This is not a question, but a testimonial on this incredible product. I got word five minutes ago that I got the job! I just had to thank you with all of my heart for helping me pass that test. Prior to finding out about this product, I had a positive result on my urine test, which did cost me a dream job. Thanks so much, Testclear! " Read More...

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Comments (5)

Good Job = Buzzed

I have recently ordered the testclear powdered urine product after reading nothing but good reviews online. The  Product is set to arrive at my house this Tuesday after some consideration i do have a few suggestions for you guys. Judging by the online reviews you powdered urine product works every time in fact the only time I\'ve read it not working is when the temp of the sample was off when handed to the nurse not due to the urine it self failing. I do believe however that you would have more business if you lowered the price of your powdered urine kit. Lets face it these days more and more companies are drug testing and not just pre-employment testing either, now many places are subjecting their employees to random drug tests as well and for those people buying enough powdered urine to have on hand for a random test can be costly especially when your getting tested 6 or more times a year. I also think more people would buy you product initially if it were cheaper as well. The thing you have to understand about buying a urine substitute is many people aren\'t willing to make the initial investment due to the fact that there is not to much hype surrounding urine substitution and it is only used by a relatively small percent of the actual working population. This is because people see it as risking a lot taking a chance on synthetic urine no matter how good the reviews are. I mean look at it from their point of view if it does not work it\'s not just a simple matter of getting a refund and that being the end of it, not only will you not get the job but you will have burned a bridge in other words that\'s one less place in you area that you can apply for a job at in the foreseeable future, as jobs will most likely not be calling you back in down the road if it comes up that you failed their drug test in the past. Basically people are afraid of wasting their hard earned money which in this economy can you really blame them, as the price of your powdered urine kit is roughly the cost of one months phone bill or other expenses, this is why people are reluctant to try these substitution products whether they work or not. Also many laboratory\'s these day\'s are doing more to prevent substitution of urine samples,. my friend who works in one of these labs says that they go on websites just like yours just like any other customer you might have and they will order these urine substitutes online just like we do so they can look at them and see how to better detect them in the lab. If the product cannot be detected for then they use indirect methods to dissuade people from using them, for example many labs now require more urine to be given then in the past this is due to lab workers looking at websites like yours to determined how many ML of urine are typically sent out in there orders for example you guy\'s provide 50ml of urine so now some labs are now asking for 60-80ML as the minimum amount of urine one needs to give forcing you to now have to purchase two urine kits at almost 100 bucks (not cheap) this is there way of dissuading people from using substitute urine they figure not many people will want to pay that much for something that may or may not work. while they can\'t raise the minimum amount of urine needed to much they raise it within reason which is to say not so much as to make it hard for people to produce that much urine but just enough to where people can produce that much urine and at the same time keeping the level above what is usually given to customers by websites such as yours which is 50ML. I know that on you website it says that you can add water if you need more but that is easier said than done. In order to successfully add water you would have to bring extra in with you and keep it at the same temp as the substitute urine sample so when added it does not affect the urine temp because when it comes to urine temp and drug testing if the temp is off by even one or two degrees you will fail and essentially waste the money you spent on the urine substitute in the first place. I personally know someone this has happened to, they did everything write but got the temp wrong because they asked for more urine than he expected and when he added the water it messed the urine temp up causing him to fail. It is harder than some people think to keep the urine at the right temp let alone have to sneak in to the testing site with urine and extra water all the while keeping them at the correct temp for usage. Unless of course you buy the urinator which heats the urine electrically but still does not take care of the water temp issue, and the urinator costs 150 bucks online so as you can see it makes the whole prospect of using a urine substitute very iffy for some people who would rather not be bothered with it as people rely on their jobs to support their families, them selves etc... and especially if they have kids they can\'t risk loosing their jobs with a substitute product. This is why i feel that you should reduce the over all price of your product making it less of a financial risk for people to buy, as well as generating many more new customers instead of basing your business off of return customers. Now I\'m sure you get a new customers on your site but no were near the amount you could be getting if you made your product more affordable or at least increase the amount of ML given in each sample it would make your product more appealing to new customers. For example for every 30 units of powdered urine you sell at the current price you could possibly sell 10-20 more than that at a reduced price and thus end up making more money even though you\'re selling it cheaper. I\'m also not so naive as to think this can last for ever eventually when synthetic urine catches more media buzz in the main stream world as more and more jobs are drug testing we will see the inevitable rise in synthetic urine use and just like when they started to ban certain legal marijuana substitutes they used to sell in gas stations across the nation they will begin to ban powdered/synthetic urine sales as well. in the future the only way to beat a drug test will to be clean your self or find a urine donor who is clean. the ban will most likely start on a sate level meaning certain states will make it illegal to ship your product to them and it will spread from there.

This is just some friendly advice i do love your company and what it stands for. Thank you

Current price for Testclear Powdered Urine is about $43USD per 50ML kit

TESTCLEAR has SERIOUS ISSUES WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE! One of their workers messed up my order and shipped to my billing address (WRONG ONE!).  FIND a different company! Try this one:  ureasample

Test Clear failed me! Do not buy! Also test clear has been caught paying affiliates to spam blogs and discussion forums lying about competitor products while trying to push Test Clear Products, read about it at http://drugtestinginsider.com/testclear-affiliate-spreading-lies-boycott-testclear-com/
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